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From its 48 meter long swimming pool, through a yoga studio and a hair salon to a massage room, this Bel Air property is the definition of decadence…

The fiery filmmaker, who has also recently become an entrepreneur, Neil Niami, has a novelty on his growing list of unsold mega villas in Los Angeles. The villa in question this time around is brand new, measuring about 2,800 square meters and occupying two hectares, designed by the architect who is a favorite of famous and wealthy people, Paul McClean. It just hit the market with a price tag of $ 65 million.

Designed like an oasis, the property's main villa features a 48-meter-long outdoor pool and a 10-meter-high waterfall, in addition to a wellness spa and yoga studio, massage studios, facials, meditation rooms, a hair salon and a state-of-the-art fitness center. For movie lovers, it has a spacious home theater with fourteen seats, fitted with leather sofas.

In order to get inside this home, you have to walk across a stone path above a reflective pool that wraps around the house. The large lobby that reminds us of a hotel lobby and it is seven meters high and has a magnificent rounded staircase that takes you to the second level.

The family room is a bit more comfortable and contented, with its large fireplace and lower ceilings. The curbside glass walls can be opened to the Olympic-size swimming pool and perfectly equipped outdoor kitchen.

The spacious main kitchen is represented by the contrast of black cabinets and white marble floors and countertops, with a magnificent chandelier with gold orbs. Not far from it is a glass wine room filled with Cristal champagne.

In total, the villa offers nine bedrooms with private bathrooms, where the master bedroom represents the definition of the word enormous.

Given all the amenities this villa has to offer, we wonder if Niami will be able to find an interested buyer, given the general downturn in the Los Angeles residential market. In any case, we believe that this villa will live a true fortune.

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