Tommy Hilfiger sold his iconic estate

Tommy Hilfinger recently sold his property in Greenwich, just a few months after his listing on the real estate market, at a price of a massive 45 million dollars...

Apparently, he and his first wife, Susie Hilfinger, officially leave this area permanently, because she also put her villa on the market shortly afterwards, located not far from her ex-husband's estate, for 40 million dollars. The world-famous fashion designer bought his house with his second wife, Dee Hilfinger, for $ 31.4 million in 2010, and if we can rely on local media reports, the couple exchanged their 1,235 m2 home for a new location in Palm Beach.

The large profits they made from the sale of their property are a reflection of the growing interest in living in Greenwich and the growing number of city dwellers in search of more tame, suburban neighborhoods during the pandemic, but we cannot ignore the great efforts of the owners to develop this a magnificent piece of land.

Originally built in 1939, the villa of Tommy Hilfinger and his second wife is a redesign project of an iconic, historic home, restored with modern features, replaced by a roof structure and a completely restyled environment, over 22 hectares, designed by a professional landscape architect.

With all that in mind, it is very easy to understand why this house is no longer available to buyers. However, to all those who did not manage to buy it, Susie Hinfilger offered a new chance, and it comes in the form of her luxurious home, located in Tony Round Hill, not far from the house of her ex-husband in Greenwich.

Originally created in 1775, the villa of Susie and Tommy Hilfinger was bought in the mid-1990s, before the divorce, which took place in 2000, for the sum of 8.5 million dollars. Before they moved into the house, the property, better known as Denbigh Farm, was owned by Joseph Werner Reed Jr., the acclaimed U.S. ambassador to Morocco.

The house is full of dazzling Old World features, its seven luxurious bedrooms are accompanied by a ballroom with marble surfaces recycled from the Parisian Hôtel Particulier Montmartre, and there are separate rooms for storing silverware and flower arrangements.

In addition to the main villa, the 22-hectare property brings several supporting structures, one of which makes it ideal for all horse lovers or breeders, and comes in the form of a barn with six boxes and an accompanying riding path. There is also a children's house modeled after the house of Mount Vernon, the famous home of George and Martha Washington, intended for the entertainment of the youngest, but also those not so young members of the family alike.

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