Do you dream about creating a small paradise for you and your family? Want to have a space where in each square meter you can enjoy every day or when you go on vacation? Luxury villas are the right thing for you...

All people, whether they strive having family harmony or great business success, would like to create themselves a personal base, a sanctuary in which they can come back after a long day and the place that will give them peace, relaxation and enjoyment with their loved ones, no matter if it’s in the city where they live, or at some faraway destination. No matter which part of the world you want to live, you can always find your little oasis of peace, only your corner where you create your own haven.

We present you some of the most beautiful luxury villas in the world.

1. VILLA LA LEOPOLDA, French Riviera

This villa was built in 1902 by Belgium King Leopold II, and it is currently owned by Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. Its value is estimated at 506 million U.S. dollars, and is considered the most expensive residence in Europe and the second most expensive house in the world. Covers approximately 20 acres and includes 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a swimming pool, private beach access, sports courts, a bowling alley, and many other facilities.

2. VILLA THE EDGE, Bali, Indonesia

Your unforgettable holiday on a fantastic island of Bali you can spend in this villa, which is situated on the edge of a cliff, where the spectacular view of the ocean is breathtaking. For the $103.600 per week here, you will have the impression that the pool, which belongs to the villa, flows into the ocean, although it is located just above it. Since the moment you arrive you will be served by a professional personal butler, who will satisfy your every whim. The villa has 10 bedrooms and also offers the pleasures of a spa center, which will make your holiday absolutely perfect.

3. ELISON ESTATE, Woodside, California, USA

This property, which contains not only the mansion but ten buildings, belongs to the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, and it is estimated that for its construction about $200 million was needed. The world's most passionate collector of real estate built, at 2004, on 23 acres, this beautiful private oasis. On this estate, there is also a made lake, separated tea house, and one more separated building with a swimming pool and Koi pond. It is currently estimated at around 70 million U.S. dollars.

4. VILLA LE SCALE, Isle of Capri, Italy

This mansion was once the home of Italian aristocrats. On the magical elite island of Capri, in one of seven luxury suites, your stay in season peak will be about 26.500€ a week for bed and breakfast. In modernized Villa Le Scale will be able to enjoy the works of art and antiques, which is equipped with, as well as a relaxing pool or a gym.

5. MAISON DE L'AMITIE, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

The owner of this luxurious complex is Dmitri Ribolovlev, and the value of the entire complex is estimated at about 9.1 million U.S. dollars. It is built on an area of 5574.2m², has its own beach at the ocean coast, diamond and golden works and the garage enough to park nearly 50 cars. It was purchased from billionaire Donald Trump, and a sale value in 2008 was $95 million.

6. CASA PAPELILLOS, Punta Mita, Mexico

The villa perfect for honeymoon or family vacation is Casa Papelillos, which looks at Gulf Banderas and provides incredible opportunities for a dream vacation. The main hazienda has 5 bedrooms and extends to 1049.8m², while the guest house named Mariposa has 278.71m², with 4 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. An unforgettable vacation on the ocean you can afford for $10.000 - $15.000 per night.

7. PROMISED LAND, Montecito, California, USA

The owner of the villa and the entire complex, which are worth 2.8 billion U.S. dollars, is the media queen - Oprah Winfrey. This property was built on 40 acres and is built in Georgian style, and it also contains a tea house, more than 600 rose bushes and prestigious outhouses. It is purchased in 2001, for a price of nearly 52 million, while in 2012 its market price is estimated at $88 million.

8. CHALET PEARL 1850, Courchevel 1850, France

Although we are in the peak of summer season, it’s not a bad time to think about the popular winter destinations. Chalet Pearl 1850 includes 7 bedrooms, and in the winter the idyll of the French Alps can be enjoyed at the price of 600.000€ per week for staying here in high season. Only 50m from a ski trail, you will enjoy the villa of 700 square meters, and in addition to skiing, you can complete your vacation and relax with the indoor pool, steam bath and gym, chauffeur or a fitness coach, or the latest music and video equipment.

9. UPDOWN COURT, United Kingdom

This mansion in the Californian style, or better say a palace of 230.000m², is located 25 miles from London and was built in the 19th century, since when is one of the most important buildings in England. If you want in your possession a palace with 103 bedrooms, a garage for 8 sedan, 5 pools tiled with mosaic of 24 carat gold, and also with the inevitable neighbors like Elton John and the British Queen herself - the price of 150 million U.S. dollars will be a small amount for you.

10. VILLA CONCETTA, Lake Como, Italy

In Ardegno, on the west coast of beautiful Lake Como, a wealthy family from Milan built this mansion in 1911, in Romanesque style. Villa Concetta is fully renovated in 2012, and is equipped with antique furniture, works of art such are paintings and statues, marble and terracotta floors and original décor from 1911. At 280 meters above sea level is located this sunny and romantic place for your relaxation and enjoyment, at a price of $3.298 to $3.552 per night. You will enjoy the outdoor pool, 6 bedrooms, and do not forget the opportunity to meet a potential neighbor George Clooney, whose private villa located in Laglio, near Ardegno.

Following the example of some of the most famous, most expensive and most exclusive villas, or just with your own imagination, be free to build yourself a private little kingdom, or, for your vacation and relaxation, choose one of already built paradises on earth like these - the choice is just up to you, and the possibilities are endless...


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