Unusual family home in Ukraine

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More photos

When you close your eyes and imagine your dream home, what do you see?

Is it perhaps a luxurious villa, on three floors, with a white facade, magnificent plaster details, a fountain and a driveway with several luxury cars in front? Or is it a modestly designed hideaway, far from civilization, which offers you peace and quiet as the greatest luxury, which we definitely do not have enough in most cases? Well, we believe that you’d never think about a structure like the one we are talking about today, which is inspired by shells!

K&B partners, an Odessa-based architecture and interior design company led by Kovtun Yuriy and Burakov Egor, designed Shell House, a modern single-family home to be built near the sea in Koblevo, Ukraine.

"A modern family home, located by the sea, can accommodate two or more people. The concept of construction is borrowed from shells, which are a common occurrence in this climate. Houses are mostly created from wood, both when it comes to their structures and their decoration. The unusual shape that was created will certainly not leave you indifferent", the architects explain.

We can freely say that the previous year taught us not to compromise when it comes to the design of our home, because we can become its detainees overnight, as happened last spring. The owners of this building will be able to move in in the spring of 2023, and we are sure that they will be delighted with the results obtained.

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