Would you live in a 5.5 million dollar floating villa

You can have all the fancy super cars, expensive jewelry and watches, but nothing represents luxury as effectively as a yacht, or in some cases, a modern, floating villa measuring 430 square meters and costing $ 5.5 million…

If you choose this villa, you can feel like Ariel or King Triton of modern times, with the amazing technology that it gives you, with unavoidable luxury and comfort. If you remember the story of underwater villas, then this text may sound a little familiar to you.

The Arkup is a luxury yacht in the shape of an avant-garde villa, which plays the role of a luxury boat, thanks to its 100 kW electric motors, or 272 horsepower. It has four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, four and a half baths, a swim platform, a modular terrace and a roof covered with solar panels, so you have plenty of electricity for it to function properly.

The rooms are equipped with pieces by the renowned Brazilian company, Artifacto, so each has a casual yet sophisticated vibe. The kitchen also looks fantastic with Silestone countertops, oak floors and German cabinets. The master bedroom is, as expected, one of the most beautiful ambiences of this villa, with beautiful, gentle lines, tender tones and a private balcony.

The Villa / Yacht Arcup has a maximum speed of 7 knots and a range of 20 nautical miles, which can be further increased with the help of batteries or generators. It was not created with the idea of ​​replacing a real yacht or boat - it is certainly more a house than a boat, so it must be used that way.

The Arkup experience starts at $ 5.5 million, and according to the manufacturer's website, you can order your villa at $ 2.267 million.

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