Diamonds: The Quintessential Symbol of Luxury, from Ancient Times to Today

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Diamonds have always been associated with wealth and luxury.

They are known around the world as being a girl’s best friend, and the precious gemstone has been used as a symbol of affection for so many as it is incorporated into sentimental pieces of jewelry.

Their significance and appeal as a quintessential symbol of luxury and love have not been a recent change. In fact, their association with these factors has been as prevalent today as it has been through its ancient origins and through civilizations ever since.

Diamonds and their origins

Diamonds date back thousands of years and are known to have been found in India before anywhere else. In the fourth century, they were found along the country’s riverbeds and were primarily only used as a form of decoration.

It was believed that they possessed magical powers and could heal people. As a result, they were used in religious ceremonies, with the translation for the word in Sanskrit “vajra” meaning thunderbolt or lightning. This reflects the perceived strength and invincibility of the gemstone, a thought shared by the ancient Romans, as they believed it signified power.

They also believed it could protect them against poison while also bringing them good fortune whenever they were in battle. Emperors and senior officials would often wear them as they looked to show their status to others due to the perceived power of the gemstone.

The ancient Greeks had a different perception of the stone but still felt it was powerful. They believed it had come from the gods and were fragments of stars that had fallen to Earth. They also believed they could be effective against evil spirits, with philosophers impressed by the hardness of the gem.

Middle Ages and Renaissance changed diamonds forever

The Middle Ages and Renaissance period changed the way diamonds were perceived, as they began to be used to symbolize wealth and prestige, much like they are today. It is not uncommon for the jewel to be used in various ways to highlight these things, with the entertainment industry perhaps among the most evident.

There have been games to have been created that use diamonds as a wealth status. Video games have used it as an item in their games that can be extremely valuable, while casino games use them as a symbol, too. There are titles available in the library of this real money online casino in Canada, with Diamond Empire, Diamond Deal, and Mermaid’s Diamond among the top titles currently available.

The Middle Ages and Renaissance saw the interest in gems grow as they were used in bigger ways. It became a fashionable accessory for the wealthy. At the same time, this is when they became popular with jewelry that is associated with love, such as engagement or wedding rings.

Diamonds today

The discovery of diamonds in South Africa during the 19th century has led to the gemstone boom experienced today. The production and availability of these gemstones greatly increased following their discovery, thus making them more accessible and more desirable to the global population.

Companies in the 20th century began to use diamonds as marketing campaigns, with many using them as the ultimate symbol of romance; something that they continue to represent today. As a result, they continue to be used in popular culture, with films about diamond mining and the object being used as a focal point of stories and plots. Songs have also been written and sung based on the gem, with “Diamonds Are Forever” perhaps one of the biggest.

In today’s world, though, there have been some changes to the perception of gathering diamonds. While the gem still remains highly desirable by many, most now have an understanding of how they are obtained because of the spotlight that has been shone on them in the media and the entertainment industry.

Final Words

Diamonds are undoubtedly the quintessential symbol of luxury, wealth and power, and this has been seen through different generations. Ancient civilizations may have perceived them for different uses than those in the modern era do, but there is no denying that they recognized that these gems were special.

Of course, there have been changes in terms of the ethical thinking behind the precious stone, and this will likely continue to get stronger in years to come. However, their association with luxury is unlikely to falter any time soon.

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