JUST CAVALLI - style and glamour

Roberto Cavalli created the Just Cavalli line in 2001, dedicating it to a new free-spirited, contemporary generation.

Inspired by his eclectic and imaginative style, the designer created a collection with a strong personality, through the constant use of innovative materials and experimental graphic elements: traditional to the heritage of the Cavalli brand.

The constant creative evolution of the brand, inspired by the lifestyle of the newer generations, is a reference point for young people who love infuse their the daily lives and the way they dress with a positive energy.

The Just Cavalli collection targets the men and women who relate to a free and contemporary style combined with experimental and continuous research. This collection has always been a laboratory of ideas that develop and define the styles of the future, placing it as an international brand enriched by the ideation of a range of Just Cavalli products, made to satisfy the demands of a young and international clientele.

The Just Cavalli range of watches was launched in 2002.

Colours, leathers and fabrics with original and recognizable prints are perfectly matched with the clothing line and are the ideal timekeepers of a busy and urban life. Once again this season, the new Just CavalliTime collections reinterprets the Cavalli style and the seasonal trends with youthfulness and originality. The Just Cavalli jewels and watches are produced and distributed in licensing by the Morellato Group, the most important jewelry and time wear group in Europe to have a completely Italian ownership.


The Just Queen collection is featured in two incredible versions: the first which has a very strong visual impact thanks to the contrast of the gold and peacock green color of the jewels, while the second appears to be more delicate in its silver and amethyst tones.

This collection exalts the feminine beauty and sensuality, making every woman an  absolute protagonist and enhancing the true ‘queen’ inside her.

•           Steel with amethyst colored stones or gold PVD finishings with peacock green jewels

•           Irregularly multifaceted stones

•           Lenght of the chain:  80 cm, 45 cm

•           Iconic detailing with snake textures and torchon


The rose PVD finishing and the ruby red stones are combined to create four new iconic pieces.

The unmistakable Just Cavalli style is emphasized in these jewelry pieces through the use of details in the shape of a python’s head, an element which has always been present in the DNA of the brand. This element merged with simple and delicate lines enhances the femininity of the jewelry.

This new collection is dedicated to an elegant woman who loves to be noticed thanks to her refinement, conveying emotions to anyone posing their eyes on her.

•           A double rosary necklace in rose gold PVD with multifaceted ruby crystals

•           Rolò Chain bracelet

•           Lenght of the chain: 45 cm

•           Iconic detailing with snake textures


This new collection is featured in two versions: the first is more classic and available in a gold and silver version, while the second is trendy in the tones of amethyst, jade green and turquoise. A versatile collection which satisfies the desires of all the young women who love the unmistakable Just Cavalli style and glamour.

•           Rosary chains in silver steel and gold PVD with silver and gold crystals

•           Chains in colored aluminum with ton-sur-ton colored crystals (amethyst, jade green and turquoise)

•           Length of chains: 80 cm, 45 cm

•           Iconic detailing with snake textures

•           Pendants with monogram logo

•           ‘Just Cavalli’ lettering on the long necklace


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