Caroline Murat, who was celebrated for her style and refinement, was one of the many historical figures among Breguet’s patrons.

Immortalized in a painting by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, the queen of Naples put her mark on history by redecorating the Palazzo Reale and promoting French artistic styles in the Naples region.

The timepiece Breguet made for her was in tribute to her beauty, and the collection it inspires today perpetuates this ode to womanhood. In their efforts to add the maximum value to female accessories, Breguet’s jewelers have on several occasions created ornaments, rings and earrings to match their exquisite timepieces.

Among these creations, the Mini Reine de Naples collection, which was revamped and augmented last year, has this year been enriched by new pendants that demonstrate the skills of Breguet’s jewelers with semi-precious stones. These new jewels recall the rings presented last year with stones in pastel colors. The Mini Reine de Naples pendants are also available in five versions each featuring a particular emerald-cut stone: aquamarine, morganite, garnet, amethyst and peridot. Special attention was given to setting the stones to show off the soft gleam of their colors. Once again the Mini Reine de Naples collection proclaims Breguet’s high regard for women by giving them the opportunity to create stylish and tasteful jewelry sets.

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