Prada launches the first line of jewelry made completely of recycled gold

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Prada achieved double success by introducing its first line of fine jewelry and making it from 100% certified recycled gold.

The collection, called Eternal Gold, contains 48 sculptural gold pieces, including several models with diamonds. The stunning collection can be tracked via a chip embedded in the 100% recycled paper card that comes with each piece. The chip can be embedded into the Aura Consortium Blockchain, which aims to prove authenticity as precious pieces of jewelery are passed down through the generations.

The line, which took 14 months to develop, embodies the minimalist aesthetic of the Prada brand and includes pieces for all genders.

"Prada cooperates exclusively with those suppliers of precious metals and stones that meet the highest industry standards in terms of human rights, occupational safety, environmental impact and business ethics," said Lorenzo Bertelli, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Prada Group.

The combination of craftsmanship and the most modern digital techniques is present in all aspects of the collection - each piece of Eternal Gold is created by skilled Italian craftsmen, with the help of modern 3D settings and stone cutting methods. In addition to the iconic triangle motif, the collection features a wide range of heart motifs, snake bracelets, chain necklaces and more - meaning there's a piece for practically everyone.

You can now buy the Prada Eternal Gold collection in stores in Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Dubai, Beverly Hills, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing.

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