The biggest blue diamond of the world sold for a record price

Rare diamonds are often sold at incredibly high prices, and the proof of this claim is a South African specimen that recently reached a price slightly higher than 40 million dollars…

The 39.34-carat blue gemstone was mined at the iconic Cullinan mine in April this year, and is one of the most expensive rough diamonds in the world. This exceptional stone was characterized as Type IIb, and was sold to a joint venture of De Beers and Diacore, a trading company owned by the billionaire Steinmez family. In the long run, it earned just over a million per carat, and thus became the most expensive gemstone that Petra has ever sold.

Commenting, CEO of Petra, Richard Duffy, said: "This is a very important date for Petra Company, following the sale of the Type IIa 299 carat white diamond in March this year and the five blue diamonds that make up the Letlapa Tala collection in November 2020."

The iconic gem was found in the Cullinan mine in South Africa, which was once owned by De Beers. The mine is famous for its large, blue diamonds, and at the same time, the largest diamond in the world was found in it, weighing 3,106 carats in 1905.

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