The most delicious jewelry collection - Godiva x Le Vian

The more the merrier is our favorite saying, especially when it comes to chocolate…

The latest Godiva x Le Vian collection has doubled our pleasure with a partnership that will make our love for chocolate immortal, in the best possible way. Unlike real chocolate, these pieces won't disappear in just a few seconds. The Le Vian collection of jewelry inspired by Godiva chocolate accentuates hand lacquering with beautifully decorated enamel details with the help of Chocolate Diamonds - naturally colored diamonds that have been selected for their rarity and color. Le Vian, a trendy jewelry brand, takes Godiva treats to a premium level in the form of rings, earrings and necklaces.

"As a sparkling reminder of how sweet life can be, especially during those days when nothing is going our way, Godiva is always there. We are very excited that this collection of ours has been received with so much love that we are inspired to create another one," said Godiva Global CEO, Nurtaç Afridi. "Godiva is always looking for new ways to bring wonder and happiness into the lives of as many people as possible around the world, and this partnership with Le Vian has allowed us to do just that."

CEO of jewelry brand Le Vian, Eddie Le Vian, said: "Chocolate affects the primal part of our brain, those hidden feelings that trigger our deepest emotions. The world of chocolate focuses on the wonder and magic of this delicacy, inspiring decadent feelings and instincts."

The standout element of this decadent collection is the Godiva x Le Vian necklace that is draped like melted chocolate and decorated with a beautiful Chocolate Diamont exterior, looking majestic and delicious, simply making us want to bite into it every time we see it.

Finally, we can say that this collection is already available for purchase with a starting price of $899.

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