Pianegonda Collections: Jewellery truly Made in Italy for women who celebrate life... 

Pianegonda presents its new jewellery collections for 2014 featuring an exquisite and innovative design, conceived for the contemporary woman who enjoys celebrating life.

Exquisite jewellery truly Made in Italy, in 925‰ silver.

The forms and elements have been designed to reinforce a style that interprets the different spirits of women, conveying sensuality and confidence.

The skilled use of materials and geometric shapes makes each collection unique. All are different yet they are united by the unmistakeable spirit of the Pianegonda brand, which has been the undisputed symbol of silver jewellery and Italian craftsmanship since the 1990s.

The new Reflection, Beloved and Celebrate Life collections are a celebration of emotions and beauty that skilfully highlights the femininity of each woman.

Light, diamond-cut reflections and trend-setting design are the heart of the Reflection collection realised thanks to the refined workmanship of the silver, which is impressed with a relief texture that characterises the entire collection. The subsequent rhodium baths ensure each piece of jewellery glimmers with a light of its own. The vermeil laqué variant, one of a kind, further enhances the brightness of the reliefs, which take on the lustre of diamonds.

Flowers take centre stage in Beloved, a range designed to pay tribute to the symbol of beauty and the delicate and precious feminine spirit.

Celebrate Life is an ovation to life, of happiness in its trendiest and most playful form. The words “Celebrate Life” comprise silver necklaces, rings and bracelets, celebrating joy in complete Pianegonda style.

The pendants and earrings of the Brightness collection are the protagonists of the new Spring Summer 2014 advertising campaign. Quartz together with silver create a burst of light and colour that illuminates the rings and pendants of this collection, an expression of the inner happiness of every woman.

Dedicated to and designed for women, Pianegonda jewellery is conceived to convey light, preciousness and emotions in the most exquisite and fashionable way possible.


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