Authentic Retreat by Brunello Cucinelli: Discover Sartorial Serenity

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More photos

Brunello Cucinelli presents "Authentic Retreat," a collection inspired by the promise of summer, with clothing that reflects the season's lightness and the tranquility of elevated leisure.

This carefully selected collection balances soft textures and natural colors, expressing the essence of elegance through simplicity. The pieces exude relaxed sophistication, featuring Lucky Blue Smith and Nour Rizk, who embody the Brunello Cucinelli style—timeless yet connected to the present moment.

Lucky personifies the Brunello Cucinelli man, wearing well-crafted suits in shades of sky blue and sand, reflecting the clear skies and sandy shores that beckon us during the warmer seasons. As a counterpoint to these gentle tones, a classic denim jacket, a tribute to enduring fashion, brings a casual yet refined element to the ensemble.

The combination of crisp shirts beneath the luxurious jackets creates a balanced ensemble with a subtle allure. The clothing, a flawless blend of natural shades from the soft beiges of sandy dunes to the fresh whites of summer linens, emphasizes the theme of relaxed refinement.

The backdrop of Brunello Cucinelli, a mix of inner peace and outer beauty, perfectly complements the clothing, reflecting the concept of an "Authentic Retreat" from life's hectic rhythm. In essence, the Brunello Cucinelli spring-summer collection encompasses clothing that resonates with the season's serenity in every thread and stitch.

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