Brioni fall/winter 2023 campaign: minimalist drama in Los Angeles

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More photos

The Brioni campaign for the autumn and winter season of 2023 unfolds as a minimalist drama in a studio in Los Angeles…

Actor Glen Paul, known for roles in films such as "Top Gun: Maverick" and "Devotion," is at the center of attention, bringing undeniable charm to the entire story. Meanwhile, the background of the advertisement opens up like a canvas, directing our gaze to what really matters: impeccable elegance enveloped in contemporary style.

Captured through the masterful lens of photographer Gregory Harris, the campaign gains an additional layer of magnetism. You might recognize Harris's gift for capturing visual narratives from his previous high-profile campaigns. In front of Harris's lens, Glen Paul appears less as a staged actor and more as a sincere declaration: this is the Brioni man - sophisticated, confident, and modern.

The visual aesthetic acts as if the Golden Age of Hollywood has taken a modern turn. The photographs are presented in black and white, paying homage to timeless taste, but with compositions that speak to a new generation.

It's a fusion of nostalgia and the present moment, captured through the lens, yet not limited by time or trend. Styled boldly and yet simply and fundamentally - the mood hits you like a spotlight hitting a crystal, scattering rays of stylized confidence in all directions.

The mastery of Brioni's tailoring serves as the central element that connects all entities of the campaign. It's not just a collection of images or clothing; it's an atmosphere, a specific cloud of sophistication to which every element contributes.

The campaign serves as an impressive visual essay, revealing how the contours of fabric can define the contours of our landscape. It reflects something timeless. Like the City of Angels, the campaign is a fusion of what has been and what is yet to be.

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