Burberry Summer 2024 Campaign Delivers Chic Modernity

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More photos

The Burberry brand's summer campaign for 2024, captured by photographer Tyrone Lebon, presents a vision that combines natural elegance and sophisticated tailoring...

The advertisement features Sang Woo Kim, Malachi Slue, Oisin Murphy, and Selah McHail, each representing a unique aspect of Daniel Lee's creative direction. The heritage of the Burberry brand is refreshed with modernity, from the relaxed cut of a grey suit to the boldness of a black structured coat.

In a lush garden setting, Burberry's leading men express confident sophistication, their stances are firm yet audacious. Lebon's intimate portrayal of the subjects captures their essence.

The iconic emblem, the Burberry knight, designed in a graphic representation, serves as a unifying symbol throughout the entire campaign, embodying the mix of tradition and innovation. The campaign showcases relaxed suit cuts in cool tones, striking outerwear, and graphic ensembles that stand out against the lush backdrop.

This campaign is a dialogue between the past and the present, where relaxed sophistication meets vibrant energy. As the summer season approaches, Burberry presents a collection that pays homage to the brand's rich history while confidently stepping into the future.


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