Cillian Murphy Shines as the Face of Versace Icons Campaign

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Oscar winner Cillian Murphy would become the face of the Versace Icons campaign.

Now, the famous actor has tried his hand as a model in the new Versace campaign, alongside actress Anne Hathaway, who has once again become the face of the Italian fashion house.

In one photograph, the star of the Oppenheimer film wears a yellow long-sleeved polo shirt with high-waisted black trousers. In another, he appears in a white tank top with a black blazer and gold necklace, and there is also a photograph in a trench coat, with white trousers and boots.

Speaking about the partnership, Creative Director Donatella Versace stated: “I am thrilled that Cillian has joined the Versace family. He is truly an exceptional actor and fully deserves his Oscar. He is magnetic and captivating in front of the camera, and I enjoyed watching him bring Versace to life. For me, Anne Hathaway and Cillian are among the best actors of today, exceptionally talented and kind people whom I admire and respect, looking their best. Very Versace.”


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