Dunhill presents a collection for men who appreciate true luxury

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More photos

For its Fall/Winter 2023 collection, fashion brand Dunhill has created traditional men's looks, representing refined and quintessential British style…

The new collection is a tribute to classicism, which has been reimagined to suit the modern man. The collection was presented to us by the British model and musician, George Barnett, who wore all the pieces perfectly.

"To wear a Dunhill suit today, is to embody the values of our fashion brand," said Dunhill CEO, Laurent Malecaze. "Each piece carries respect for the craftsmanship and expertise of our craftsmen. We have a responsibility to create collections that are not only beautiful, but will easily withstand the change of seasons and trends”.

For 130 years, Dunhill has remained true to its core values of innovation, functionality, British quality craftsmanship and superior materials. Even today, this brand is synonymous with luxury, especially due to the fact that it is dedicated to creating timeless pieces imbued with refinement.

With a timeless yet modern collection, Dunhill laid the foundations of an exclusive men's wardrobe. The cuts and style we can see are classic but never outdated, while they are especially accented with only the highest quality materials and impeccable attention to detail. With the Dunhill fashion selection, you can be fashionable, without having to fall into the clutches of passing trends or compromise on quality.

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