Emporio Armani presents a new campaign

Model Julian Schneider has re-emerged as the face of the Emporio Armani campaign, and this time he travelled to Singapore…

The top model has taken on bold clothing combinations from the spring / summer 2020 collection, which represent a audacious approach to sportswear combinations and sophisticated cuts that this brand nurtures. Meanwhile, Mario Sorenti was in charge of the photo shoot.

In addition to Julian, Sorrenti also photographed models by Dalibor Urosevic, Nina Marker and Anya Lyagoshina. The campaign presents us with the spirit of the metropolis, seen from a visionary and nightly angle, in keeping with the pulsating and rhythmic acceleration of light reflected from the surface of glittering clothing pieces.

The whole range combines design with dynamism, as well as daring with elegance, in the most interesting way possible.

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