For real life superheroes - new Mercedes-Benz collaboration

After collaborating with Balenciaga brand earlier this year on haute couture style face shields, Mercedes-Benz wants to combine fashion and automotive design once again, launching the ACC01 capsule collection, developed in collaboration with Berlin-based creative studio Acte TM…

Inspired by the extensive archives of Mercedes-Benz, the collection uses leftovers from other applications to develop sustainable, wearable pieces that represent the famous brand's DNA alongside their well-known design language. The ACC01 collection contains 28 modular pieces that complement each other as a self-sustaining functional unit. Teaming up with Studio Kasia Kucharska, the trio has developed unique pieces of clothing, including jackets, hoodies, T-shirts and bags, that explore sustainable and innovative production techniques. Specific offerings include the performance-focused ACC-LT01 jumpsuit that can be paired with a cape, the ACCC BH01 Big Hood and the ACC-K01 Puffer skirt, inspired by the Mercedes-Benz brand's patented airbags.

Additional pieces include the AB-BG01 bag, which consists of rounded metal inlays, an aluminum frame and a replaceable 3D printed case. This design was conceived as a reference to the raw skeletal car chassis and its relationship with the human body, so the entire shape is inspired by automotive storage components.

The ActeTM x Mercedes-Benz ACC01 collection will appear at the Mercedes-Benz Creators Night event, which will take place at the Telegraphenamt in Berlin. The entire collection will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

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