BALMAIN - fall/winter 2015

As creative director of the brand Balmain, Olivier Rusting contributes to the evolution of men's fashion house with his new autumn / winter 2015 collection...

This collection looks like it was inspired by his personal desires, and perhaps it is best described by the designer himself.

"For this collection, I was inspired by evening wear of the new generation. In all parts of the world, from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, with stops in Paris, London, Dubai and other traditional fashion capitals on the rise, I noticed something that can be called "new aristocracy". Unlike traditional aristocrats, this diverse and open grouping stylish and modern man is our young people who capably and confidently create their own prospects wardrobe originating from the street, but also from the closet of their fathers.

In the fall of 2015, I have channeled their energy and stressed that new creative mix, made up of perfect dose of classic pieces, fluid silhouette and hip hop style. It is the spirit that works perfect for my generation and style that can be called their own.

For the spring season, my collection was casual and relaxed, due to the large number of T-shirts and knitted items. For fall, I turned over to royal fabrics such as rich velvet, silk and cashmere, but I worked to keep the lightweight vibe, partly relying on over-sized and relaxed cuts.

Masculine silhouettes - broad shoulders, belts and fluid baggy pants - help adding modern knack to those classic pieces – double breasted jackets, coats and tuxedos. Under the influence of today's music and culture, which you can see in black cashmere hats, pants down and abundant motorcycle jackets, this collection still, retains its famous Balmain Homme look. "

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