Brad Pitt in his most fashionable role ever

The famous actor, producer and champagne maker, tried his hand in the role of a fashion designer, thanks to a new collaboration with the brand Brioni…

The Hollywood favorite has teamed up with Italian fashion house to jointly launch an exclusive collection, which is based on his refined, masculine style. Pitt has been the face of the Brioni brand since 2019, and he regularly wears ensembles with their signatures on the red carpets. However, this time, the brand, which is owned by the conglomerate Kering, teamed up with its ambassador for the first time to create a new collection.

Appropriately named BP Signature, the seven-part collection combines a palette of muted tones with a play of textures, while exuding the unaccented, casual style for which the Oscar winner is known. The line consists of pieces in which you can easily imagine on Pitt, including a charcoal suit with two buttons, a cashmere jacket, a long, lightweight cashmere polo sweater and a coat.

There is also an evening look that is especially inspired by the outfit that the famous actor took to the 92nd Academy Awards last year, where he won in the Best Supporting Actor category for Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, which includes a plush evening jacket and matching woolen pants, along with an elegant cotton shirt.

"Apart from the fact that he is one of the most influential stars in Hollywood, both in front and behind the camera, Pitt is an icon of style, the embodiment of the casual elegance of a modern man with mesmerizing nonchalance and graceful self-confidence. His personal style, combined with Brioni's workmanship, led to the artistic idea of ​​creating BP Signature ", they say from the famous brand.

On top of all that, each piece from the collection carried an exclusive label with the signature of the famous actor, while the prices of the pieces range from 550 to almost 4,100 €.


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