Dior presents the perfect collection for desert warriors

Kim Jones can definitely be called an innovator, given that, since 2018 he has held the helm of Dior Homme in his hands and constantly presents incredible collections that reinterpret the classic styles of this fashion house as something completely new...

For its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Dior teamed up with ERL’s Eli Russell Linnetz to co-create a range that exudes California cool vibes, but for Pre-Fall 2023, Jones travelled to Egypt and visited the pyramids in Cairo.

This collection celebrates Jones' love of travel, having grown up in Botswana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana. Using the Great Pyramids as a mystical backdrop, the designer moved the ancient structures into the future with a contemporary range, thanks to which the models became a kind of desert warriors.

Loud techno music kicked off the show and set the tone for the exciting scenes that followed. Illuminated corridors led the models through sandy paths decorated with light materials that protected them from the powdery breeze.

Sleek two-piece sets were offered in neutral tones, accompanied by delicate blazers, long scarves and tulle that fluttered around them. Baggy pants were combined with tassel-decorated tops and organza hoods, which turned into face shields.

Refined suits, draped knits and bomber jackets followed, accented with double-layered belts, arm warmers and clear helmets that once again introduced protection against the desert winds. Hints of yellow and orange appeared on the clothing combinations, casting a unique light on the otherwise understated, neutral offering, which seems not to originate from our planet.

Geometric chest shields perfect for hand-to-hand combat strolled alongside zip-up trench coats, graphic tees and snake print pieces, while woven baskets turned into rucksacks, accompanied by adventure footwear.

You can view the entire collection in our gallery.

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