EMPORIO ARMANI - Spring/Summer 2012

„To have style is to have courage to make your own choices, to say no to patterns and rules. You have to find something original, and not go into pap and eccentricity“ – Giorgio Armani

Fashion week in biggest of world metropolis, parade of pap and elegance. You see the show of elegant and simple models, highlight of glamorous. At the end, the catwalk is for creator. Always in tight black shirt, tanned, gray hair and wide Italian smile, Giorgio Armani.

He built his own style, momentarily recognizable. His models are simple, but full of elegance and stylishness that take your breath away. Without any doubt Armani made his business into empire, and positioned himself as one of geniuses of fashion. But, he didn’t want to be creator all his life. His first dream was to become a doctor. He went to medical school for two years. On third he realized that medicine is not for him. His mother claims that he can’t stand the look of the blood. He said that he was fed up with studying.

The list of awards he won is impressive. Next to Christian Dior, he is the only designer that appeared on front page of Time magazine. 1983 – American society of fashion designers chooses him as international designer of the year. Republic of Italy in 1987 acclaimed him as a knight...

Classic men line, that made him famous, he added women high fashion, jeans, and economical fashion line for young Emporio Armani, all of that followed by watches, jewelry, sun glasses, purses... His perfumes are one more thing to that will astound you: Armani Code, Armani Diamond, Acqua di Gio, City Glam, Emporio Armani, Mania, Sensi...

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