Fashion inspired by Bugatti Chiron

Magnificent Bugatti Chiron model, now with its beauty and exclusivity brings Ettore Bugatti expensive clothes...

This collection of clothes will definitely make the future owners of this car, and of course, fans of the brand, happy. This exclusive capsule collection includes twelve of appropriate designs sunglasses, inspired by the enchanting replacement for the Veyron model.

Created in Italy, as we expected, with the use of smart art techniques and modern materials, new Ettore Bugatti luxury fashion collection will include 431 pieces, to remind us of the speed record that only Bugatti brand managed to achieve.

You'll definitely notice the printed patterns on each piece, the build quality and sporty inspired final details, which are reminiscent of Chiron unusual lines.

Driver's jacket, made of durable cowhide with stitched detail on the back, immediately attracted our attention. Reflecting the seat of Bugatti Chiron model, this jacket is very soft to the touch and a real sight for sore eyes. It also has a duality of blue as a favorite color of this manufacturer of premium cars. As regards prices, for now we can hope that they didn’t reach heaven.

This collection has several other jackets, four different T-shirts with short sleeves, designed to be incredibly comfortable and modern. Also, there are sport-designed sunglasses and cap with Bugatti details.

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