Is this the best wallet ever?

If you've ever wished ultra-modern wallet, made of hi-tech materials, then today is your lucky day...

Wallet of which we talk this time, is created by the company Billetus which is located close to San Diego. This is a minimalist beauty made of exotic materials such as titanium, carbon and ballistic nylon.

Called Billetus MAXX, this wallet has a futuristic modern look, like a supercar that nowadays we can see with perfect balance of form and function, bold appearance and a very small weight. Practically, it is a slim wallet that can be an ideal accessory for your money and credit cards, with central pocket, and additional pockets on both sides.

When it is loaded completely, the wallet can hold up to 15 cards and up to 15-20 bills, thanks to super thin titanium inserts. This cool accessory comes complete with Openus Cardus - most amazing and thinnest bottle opener, which at the same time plays the role of a ruler.

Better yet, this wallet offers you a carbon pin for money, which can be used to carry money in your pocket in the best possible way. Otherwise, during the past year, Billetus company unveiled several versions of this wallet, and each was equally impressive.

In addition to the standard version, you can choose attractive Amerimaxx inspired by the American flag, Omnius or Optimus with sculptural forms, Helios or modern versions of Chameleon and more. If you like what you see, you should know that these wallets are (of course) limited editions and that their price is available on request.

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