Loro Piana Fall/Winter 2024: Celebrating 100 Years of Craft

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The Fall/Winter 2024 collection by Loro Piana represents a masterful celebration of the brand's centennial, encapsulating the essence of its rich history in luxury textiles...

With the fiori di cardo, the thistle flower, at the heart of its line, the collection pays homage to the traditional practices that have refined Loro Piana's cashmere for decades. This emblematic symbol, deeply rooted in the brand's identity since 1951, signifies the Maison's dedication to material excellence and the fusion of history with innovative textile technology.

Approaching the new season, Loro Piana presents a color palette curated with earthy tones and shadows, where muted shades of venus rice, tundra, and dusty khaki depict a portrait of autumnal tranquility, complemented by deep hues of steel brown and dark Vicuña.

This season's collection merges a sophisticated color palette with selected luxurious fabrics, each chosen for its specific qualities. CashDenim redefines denim with its exceptional softness, while the Gift of Kings wool offers unparalleled warmth and finesse, originating from Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand. Pecora Nera wool, rare and sourced from black Merino sheep, provides a unique depth and texture. Significantly, the collection integrates graphene, a material celebrated for its exceptional thermal properties, ensuring optimal thermal comfort.

Garments are thoughtfully designed for the discerning Loro Piana man with varied needs. From unstructured blazers to soft yet decisive coats, each piece is crafted to embody a sense of relaxed sophistication. Outerwear, including luxurious wool fur shirt jackets and insulated puffer jackets, promises versatile styling options and cozy warmth. Transitioning to eveningwear, it's a triumph of understated luxury, with tuxedos and shearling coats offering a relaxed refinement, perfect for after-dark elegance.

The tactile pleasure of silk turtlenecks and sophisticated stand-up collar Spagna shirts further enhances this. Meanwhile, footwear such as Derby lace-ups, loafers, and suede wallabies provide a foundation of classic style. At the same time, the oversized Bale hobo bag and the loom-inspired weekend bag incorporate utility into luxurious designs. Accessories complete the narrative of each look, ensuring that the Loro Piana man is equipped with poise and practicality for every occasion.

Loro Piana's Fall/Winter 2024 collection showcases wearable art, reflecting a rich history of sartorial mastery. The collection invites exploration of intricate textures and visual allure of fabrics that honor the Maison's tradition while enveloping wearers in the embrace of modern luxury.

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