Loro Piana presents new campaign for spring

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More photos

Loro Piana's Spring-Summer 2023 ad campaign addresses the power of movement, examining physical movement as a means of interacting with our natural habitat, whether in an urban cityscape or far from civilization.

This new ad campaign highlights how clothing can be a companion of energy—a motivating and electrifying drive that pushes us forward and tells us that only the sky is the limit. Inez & Vinoodh bring to life the Loro Piana Spring-Summer 2023 campaign starring German model Leon Dame. The campaign follows him on an enchanting journey, from indoor and outdoor environments, from urban spaces to natural landscapes, which ultimately leads us to the coast. His movements are captured in beautiful photos that reflect his facial expressions as his clothes meet his body, providing him with perfect comfort and convenience.

In Loro Piana's spring-summer 2023 campaign, images highlight the beauty of shapes and textures from the collection. As a representation of Italian culture, this style captivates with the appeal that promises us an active and casual lifestyle, accompanied by formal elegance.

Loro Piana provides a unique perspective by mixing classic tailoring with smart, casual pieces made from cotton, cashmere and linen in natural shades. The brand aims to create an organic connection between the body, clothing and movement - everything is in effortless fashion in motion.


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