Louis Vuitton Embraces Dog Charm for Resort Collection 2025

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More photos

The Louis Vuitton Resort Collection 2025 combines signature elegance with playful innovation, inspired by man's best friend...

This season, the French house introduces dog motifs, infusing its timeless pieces with canine charm. Accessories take center stage, featuring bags adorned with dog-shaped charms and clochettes in the shape of dog paws. Footwear and outerwear also embrace this theme, with Dalmatian spots decorating shoes and striking jackets, while loafers feature bone and dog collar details.

The collection includes a standout souvenir jacket with a playful dog motif and a hard-case monogrammed bag cleverly shaped like a dog bone. The collection balances traditional elegance with modern silhouettes, appealing to fashion-conscious individuals. Key pieces include pleated shorts, double-breasted suits, and V-neck sweaters that project a smart, refined look.

Baggy jeans and tailored cargo shorts offer a contemporary twist, while knitted hoodies and varsity jackets provide a hint of casual chic style. Vests and silk ties add a sophisticated touch, ensuring each look is polished yet approachable.

Whether it's the casual appeal of a knitted hoodie paired with tailored shorts or the formal sophistication of a double-breasted suit accented with a silk tie, Louis Vuitton and Pharrell Williams deliver a cohesive narrative of elegance and modernity.

Playful dog motifs and innovative accessories offer a fresh take on classic designs, making this collection stand out for the season.

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