Mateo Berrettini and Lee Min-ho in the BOSS Spring 2024 Campaign

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In the Spring-Summer 2024 #BeYourOwnBOSS campaign, self-determination and style converge to create a visual statement of confidence and a forward-looking vision...

South Korean actor Lee Min-ho and Italian tennis ace Mateo Berrettini take center stage in the new campaign, embodying the collection's philosophy. Through Mikael Jansson's lens, these campaign stars are surrounded by a labyrinth of light and shadow, an allegory for life's pivotal journeys and choices.

The BOSS menswear collection combines the ease of spring with the practicality required for a life in full swing. The lineup is a showcase of precise tailoring and nuanced visions. A standout is an ensemble featuring a sand-colored suit, its clean lines and relaxed fit captured in a setting that reflects the collection's sleek aesthetic. It's complemented by footwear that seamlessly transitions from the office to the social scene, epitomizing the collection's adaptability.

Similarly, a tactile camel sweater paired with contrasting cream trousers embodies BOSS' commitment to versatility, suitable for the man on the move. This season, the fashion brand takes a step into the future of advertising by unveiling a holographic display featuring Lee Min-ho at its core. This captivating blend of fashion and technology illustrates the brand's innovative spirit.

The new BOSS campaign transcends traditional boundaries and invites the world to witness the fusion of high fashion with advanced technology. The result is an ad that resonates with the rhythm of modern life and the multifaceted identity of the BOSS man.

As the Spring-Summer 2024 collection becomes available to a global audience, BOSS encourages everyone to embrace the power of personal choice, which is central to the #BeYourOwnBOSS campaign. It's a sartorial invitation to enter a season celebrating individuality and the tailored sophistication that BOSS consistently delivers.

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