Prada collection for urban fashion aficionados

The iconic fashion house was inspired by the wild in their new capsule collection…

Prada is one of the most celebrated brands in the fashion scene, often pushing the boundaries of the possible and the impossible, the allowed and the forbidden. Long before many brands today took utilitarianism into consideration as one of their styles, the Milanese brand delighted us with its interesting designs. Now, they present us with a new capsule collection called Escape, which is like the call of the wild.

Miuccia Prada designed this collection with versatility in mind, taking in a healthy dose of military inspiration and survival gear. As such, the collection, which contains about 200 pieces, is presented in rich tones of forest green, black and khaki colors, with accents of neon orange and suitable camouflage patterns. Detailed floral patterns joined the same rank, adorning the iconic shirts of this brand.

Known for its textile innovations, the company has used its expertise to create nylon-coated gabardine, with the goal of creating waterproof clothing pieces and accessories. Almost every jacket and pair of pants in this collection are fitted with large zippered pockets or buttons, which contributes to their function. Knit pieces also played a key role in this story, with thin and densely knit patterns, many containing the same camouflage pattern we can see in other parts of the collection.

Layered silhouettes featured equally interesting pieces of footwear, and the Prada brand created an assortment for each style. There is something on offer for sneaker lovers as well as those who prefer to wear rugged leather boots.

The Escape Collection was completed with backpacks and bags created from nylon, using the ethos of the 1980s and 1990s. The entire collection can now be seen only in their New York boutique, and will be on sale until December 15th.

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