Ralph Lauren Purple Label - for daring man only

If you want to present yourself as a dominant man, who has a unique style and elegance, to which brand do you turn?

If you are not sure how to answer this question, and if there is only one correct answer, we will help. Of course, there are multiple correct answers, but only some of them are applicable in full. Ralph Lauren brand or sub-brand Purple Label, is always the answer when we ask what transposes timeless elegance and impeccable style.

For this season, Ralph Lauren Purple Label has a handful of advanced options, and it presented the new lookbook. Model Chris Brown and photographer Matthew Sprout collaborated and presented us all the best elements of the new collection. Presenting somewhat formal and casual aspects of Ralph Lauren man, Chris is the center of attention at all times. He’s wearing sports suits and other clothing pieces such as leather jackets and slim fit pants that are in trend for several years now.

So if you want to dominate the conference room, attract all eyes when you step into the bar or leave all those present breathless as you walk the streets with confidence, look for novelties of this brand.

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