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Although suits are not the main thing that makes man, serious business men who wear them always have the advantage compared to those who oppose wearing them...

We can all agree that the attention of the public, media, and generally the whole environment give more attention to women clothing, but when we consider strength and masculinity of men in suits, we have to admit that no one remains indifferent. In "men's world", they are the true symbol of professionalism, wealth and power, while luxury and quality suit on a handsome man is a kind of aphrodisiac and something like the "Prince Charming" title, and certainly a man like this becomes the center of attention of all the women.

For all the wealthy men who want to represent themselves as a moving symbol of luxury and success, we present the top 10 men’s suits.


Straight from Manchester arrives the suit whose price will shock even the richest people, and it is made from the finest and unique combination of silk, wool and cashmere, and all that by a famous designer Stuart Hughes. There are only three suits of this type, and it is assumed to have been purchased by the world's billionaires and some very powerful men. For making such suits more than 850 hours of work is spent, and in it are sewn 500 diamonds of half of a carat, which only increases the level of refinement that exudes such a suit. In addition to exclusivity, which is practically another name for this suit, priced at a whopping $892.250, actually all three men who own them also received the title of king of luxury "for free".


Considering the price of the previous suit, the price of this suit will act as a real bargain. For the price of $15,000 you get a stitched hand-made suit, made ​​by a brand whose name is associated with glamour and charisma. Brand Brook's Brothers is a trusted brand in fashion industry, and you will be absolutely sure that, in your closet, you will have an innovative garment measuring your figure, while you will get excellent value for money.


With a higher price than the previous brand, you can get a fantastic suit in authentic spirit of the famous and prestigious Italian fashion. Ermeneglido Zegna is an Italian luxury fashion brand that comes from Trivero. It is founded as a family business of Zegna family, and the fourth generation of this family holds a traditional sense of luxury and premium men's fashion. Making this suit involves use of over 700 materials, but you will certainly, for $ 20,000, get a perpetual piece of luxury, sophistication and exclusivity.


Designer Alexander Amosu uses the most expensive wool in the world, qiviuk, which is obtained from the musk ox. This wool is combined with exotic pashmina, which is normally used for making shawls in India, which are invaluable. With 16,000 stitches and very competent hand-work, and also optional 18 carat diamonds, by the price of "only" $101,860, you will get a unique piece of timeless clothing.


Another of the most expensive and most exclusive brands in the world of men's fashion is British Dormeuil. Suits of this brand are made ​​of special material which is known as Vanquish II, with the added combination of breeds and qiviuk. Every year for selling is ready only 300 of these suits. For the price of $95,319, you will receive an exclusive suit, but you have to bear in mind that only material Vanquish II costs $32,565, while of course the valuable hands of tailors are taken into account, as it adds to the cost of the suit.


And in this suit from brand Brioni the name Vanquish II is present, and used materials are already mentioned quviuk, pashmina and vicuna – an exclusive, special kind of wool, which is derived from a South American camel’s hair. 100 of these suits are produced every year for this luxury brand of Italian fashion house. For $43,000 you get a fantastic suit of superior quality, and it is estimated that the this brand’s suits quite justified the exclusive prices.


Mr. Westmancott is a tailor of the exclusive Saville Row in London, and he is a creator of the suits known as "The Ultimate Bespoke”, which are made from traditional British mill fabric, which is the kind of tweed. Over 200 hours of work on this suit resulted in it being lightweight, durable, flexible and modern, all of which resulted in the creation of price which is $75,000.

8. KITON K-50

This suit is a favorite for corporate clients, especially as it is classified as handmade suits that do not burden with their weight, but are completely personalized and tailored for each customer. The creator of Kiton K-50 suit is well-known Enzo D'Orsi, who took about 50 hours to tailor each suit. For about $60,000 you can get the perfect men's clothing, which is made of a combination of Australian merino wool with other expensive materials.


The combination of 200 different materials, 30 years of experience in men clothing and hard work created a suit "Bespoke" by designer William Fioravanti, which are sold at a price of $22,000. These suits are luxurious, perfectly fitting, and definitely worth every cent. Customers of this well-known designer are successful businessmen, the world's tycoons and entrepreneurs, as well as celebrities and movie stars, because the superior quality, extravagance and luxury are synonyms for this suit.


Another British tailor who works in London's Saville Row is the famous Desmond Merrion. He has created some of the most expensive suits in the world. For the price of $47,500 you will get a suit "Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke”, which is not only a perfect value-for-money deal, but is really an investment for a lifetime. Judging by the price, this brand is dedicated to exclusively rich and famous clientele, but also all the men who want to emphasize their power and life quality.

Although for the amount of money you would spend on buying these clothes you can casually buy a house or a car, if your bank account allows it, do not hesitate in the intention to afford yourself these "pearls" of suits, you definitely won’t regret it.


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