Urban Elegant Ermenegildo Zegna Uniform

Alessandro Sartori offered us a modern approach to sleek tailoring in the new Ermenegildo Zegna Fall / Winter 2020 collection…

Sartori's elegant tailoring style is balanced by the chic interpretation of street style. "At Zegna Brand, I have the privilege of experimenting at every level - from fiber combination to shape," says Sartori. By all accounts, this time he did what he does best, that is, he created a new dimension of hybrid categories, breaking down boundaries to explore new territories.

One experiment led him to another, and in elegant dialogue a collection was created that, like art, respects our planet. As the designer says, the creators of fashion are bound to respect their natural environment and this must be their mission.

This time around, the contemporary Ermenegildo Zegna man's uniform offers options for people who want contemporary suits or for those who are already used to the sun. One of the must-see pieces for this season is a two-way jacket. It can be worn unbuttoned or buttoned because it perfectly follows the lines of the body because of its collar.

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