Versace Fall/Winter 2023: A New Canon of Men's Fashion

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More photos

The visual tale of black-and-white elegance unfolds within the Versace palace nestled in Milan...

The campaign for the Fall/Winter 2023 season of the famous brand introduces us to a whole ensemble of creative talents: Mert & Marcus have handled the photography, while the fashion orchestra was led by Christopher Simonds, the creative director known for his influential visions.

As the lenses of the renowned fashion photography duo capture Wylber Flores Marte, Mattias Akke, Donggyu Lee, and Filip Hrivnak, an incredible interplay of light and shadow takes centre stage. Styled in monochromatic combinations by stylist Jacob K, the models showcase innovations and become part of a larger conversation about male physique and sartorial choices. The stylized outfits elevate men's tailoring to a higher level, transforming clothing into a nuanced dialogue about texture, seams, and subtle masculine elegance.

Versace, as it has often done before, challenges the archetypes of men's fashion with its new collection, establishing a new canon of dressing. The brilliance of the entire story lies in the intricacies of tailoring – thoughtfully structured pieces and a shifted dynamic of softer and more masculine shoulder lines. This wardrobe is a modern declaration that pushes the boundaries of tradition to shape a vision of what men's fashion should represent.

Versace gives us a peek behind the scenes of the new campaign, where, in addition to the mentioned models, we can also see Gigi Hadid, who, along with Filip Hrivnak, has a long-standing relationship with the Italian fashion house. In fact, Filip's journey through the fashion world received a significant boost when he appeared in the Versace Fall/Winter 2014 campaign!

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