Jannik Sinner stars in the "Gucci is a feeling" campaign

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More photos

The latest campaign from the brand Gucci, "Gucci is a feeling," artistically captures the spirit of tennis while celebrating the dynamic journey of Jannik Sinner on and off the court...

As a global ambassador for the Gucci brand, the third year of Sinner's collaboration with the renowned fashion house is marked by a series of striking visuals that merge the elegance of tennis with the distinctive style of the Italian fashion brand.

The campaign was photographed by Riccardo Raspa and artistically directed by Riccardo Zanola, vividly showcasing Sinner's sporting personality, dressed in sporty tennis gear, against vibrant backgrounds of clay, grass, and hard tennis courts.

The campaign draws inspiration from Gucci's rich tennis heritage, dating back to the 1970s when the fashion house first explored tennis-inspired fashion.

The campaign visuals pay tribute to the brand's enduring connection with tennis, featuring iconic sports bags alongside Sinner's natural poses. Moreover, the aesthetics of the campaign reflect a sophisticated play of vintage and modern styles that appeal to nostalgia and a contemporary outlook.

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