Loro Piana Winter Story: Neutral Shades and Comfortable Textures

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More photos

The 2023 holiday collection from the Loro Piana brand unveils a winter story filled with the warmth and elegance the brand is known for...

Model Yoesry Detre embodies this season, representing a calm wardrobe full of comfort and style. With a color palette inspired by earthy and muted shades, the collection speaks of winter's tranquility, offering a spectrum of neutral colors that seamlessly blend with the natural backdrops of the season. These shades reflect the winter landscape and offer a versatile foundation for sophisticated layers that Loro Piana skillfully composes.

The collection is highlighted by sheepskin leather, bringing to the forefront a diverse range of pieces that promise warmth and a true fashion statement. From the plush warmth of sheepskin coats to the casual elegance of 3/4 sleeve pullovers, each piece celebrates tactile luxury.

Pleated trousers and jeans serve as a foundation to contrast the rich textures, offering balance and a touch of the everyday in the otherwise ethereal quality of the collection.

Protection from the cold comes in the form of an elegant quilted puff jacket in white, accented with black and red details, offering true protection from winter's icy bite. Meanwhile, an array of sweaters, from classic round-neck models to luxurious turtlenecks, adds a basic layer of warmth for relaxed everyday wear and sophisticated seasonal ensembles.

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