Mads Mikkelsen Finds His Summer Oasis in the New Zegna Oasi Lino Collection

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More photos

The new Zegna campaign for the Oasi Lino collection features Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who embodies the sophisticated essence of the modern man.

Mikkelsen, Zegna's brand ambassador, embarks on a serene journey through the picturesque landscapes of Oasi Zegna. The Oasi Lino collection emphasizes neutral tones and clean lines, showcasing the timeless appeal of the renowned brand's designs. Mikkelsen dons various pieces, from elegant shirt-jackets and premium cotton t-shirts to lightweight sweaters and chore jackets.

The simplicity of the color palette, dominated by earthy and muted tones, underscores the understated luxury of the clothing. Additionally, the textures and materials, particularly the linen blends, add a tactile element that reflects the campaign's tranquility.

Completing the ensembles, Zegna's Triple Stitch linen blend espadrilles stand out, adding a touch of casual elegance to the outfits. The footwear choice perfectly aligns with the relaxed yet sophisticated feel of the Oasi Lino collection.

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