Versace resort 2024 campaign: coastal luxury

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More photos

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Castello Canevaro in Liguria, the Versace resort 2024 campaign creates a space where timeless design meets the relentless power of nature…

The photographs were captured by photographer Adrian Gonzalez-Cohen, and the collection is a homage to the strength of precise tailoring and classic allure, featuring models Brennan Aldred, Elijah Eten, and Antonio Guitto.

In a striking palette of pure white and deep navy tones, the clothing speaks a language of effortless sophistication. White jeans, impeccably tailored and effortlessly wearable, seamlessly blend with the frothy white of the sea's edge. In rich navy blue, a cardigan flows in textured waves, mimicking the movement of water.

The campaign, through various textures and forms, highlights Versace's skilled hand in combining casual denim with their iconic suits, styled by Tati Cotliar. Footwear lends a deliberate note to each ensemble; Medusa '95 loafers anchor the look with their robust silhouettes, while elegant sneakers offer a contrast of relaxed luxury.

This collection celebrates the heritage of the Versace brand - suggesting a return to basics, to fashion elements that remain as constant as the tide - a narrative woven into the very fabric of the clothing.

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