An outstanding wine cellar

Used for the flooring of an exclusive wine cellar, Antolini’s Cappuccino natural stone gives the setting a suggestive air of elegance.

A long corridor that almost resembles an art gallery is instead a cellar for storing the best vintages and the most prestigious labels at the perfect temperature, an elegant space created in the basement of a surprising Venetian villa.

A series of glass sheets, built on the inclined walls, have been perforated in a particular way to allow the bottles of wine to be neatly stored as if they were floating in the air, giving an almost surreal suspension effect. The contrast between the transparent glass panels and the rough split-face travertine wall creates the effect of a domesticated cave, where nature and artifice merge with unexpected erudition.

The smooth floor in Cappuccino natural stone (lether finish) by Antolini presents warm and marbled tones reminiscent of the shimmering effect of certain batik fabrics in which motifs and colours blend with each other producing elegant shades. Or event certain types of ice cream where the flavours blend with the coffee, creating delicious cappuccino nuances.


Within Cappuccino, warm and enveloping hues intermingle and fuse together. Almost imperceptibly, this natural stone presents a kind of three-dimensional element that is the result of the interweaving of multiple scales of colour, capable of generating surprising and unusual visual effects.
Striking for its obvious dynamism, created by clear veins that burst brightly out from the dark background, Cappuccino has a natural elegance that opens the way to the real pleasure of experiencing beauty.

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