Della Marta: "Exceptional Hit" at Milan Design Week

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A design work in honor of the famous Italian comic Diabolik...

Della Marta, a leader in the production of climate-controlled showcases valued worldwide for its patented technological innovations representing true revolutions in applied thermodynamics, returns to Milan Design Week presenting a new creation in its showroom at Via Maroncelli 5, realized in collaboration with the Paola Colombari Gallery. The triptych "Exceptional Hit" in an open edition is signed by artist Kristina Stifanić and includes the Wine Framework "Diabolik" in honor of one of the most famous comics in history, plus two beautiful works by the Croatian artist "Exceptional Hit" and "Cheers".

"Exceptional Hit" is a unique decorative addition that contains the iconic figure of Diabolik, the protagonist of the successful comic series of the same name, and the distinctly technological character of the wine cellar. The magnetic look of the famous thief can be glimpsed in the central wine image of the triptych, in a space intentionally left empty between the bottles to emphasize the activity par excellence of the famous thief.

In this new collection, design and functionality combine with artistic vision to create a work that highlights not only Della Marta's technical skills but also aesthetic ones, which again move between modern concepts and contemporary design. Wine Framework, which has an international patent, is the world's first cooled picture ever made, created as a piece of furniture designed to enhance the atmosphere.

Wine Frame "Diabolik" is the second Wine Frame dedicated to great characters, artists, and famous historical masters such as the beautiful "Devalle Love" in honor of the famous Turin architect Carlo Mollino (1905-73), which started the series of works of high artistic value Art Design Wine Frame to which "Exceptional Hit" is added.

At the Della Marta showroom, during the Design Week, there will also be an exhibition of decorative accessories "The Wine of the Champions", a design collection created by the encounter of two Made in Italy excellences: Fabio Cordella, founder of the team "The Wine of The Champions" and director of wineries, and Massimo Della Marta.

The selection of exclusive works, limited editions, and open sets aimed at the world of collectors and lovers of wine and football is the result of the artistic reinterpretation by Della Marta of some of his internationally recognized and appreciated historical products such as Quadro Vino, an icon and exhibit shown at art design exhibitions, and the wine cabinet M12, the world's shallowest wine cabinet and winner of the Archiproducts Design Award 2022.

Handcrafted from quality materials, the frames of The Wine of the Champions are creations signed by 20 great football champions and objects of art design, each piece numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and guarantee. The first eight prestigious exhibitions, which launched the project, were signed by footballers Ronaldinho, Wesley Sneijder, Roberto Carlos, Diego Lugano, Marek Jankulovski, Márcio Amoroso, Marcos Cafu, and Amauri. The collection is also enriched with Ball, two decanter holders shaped like a soccer ball. One is dedicated to all the champion participants, while the other is a special tribute to Ronaldinho's Golden Ball.


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