Dalmore Luminary No.2 Shines as a Masterpiece of High Taste and Art at Sotheby’s Auction

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Can anyone with good taste resist Dalmore whisky? Certainly not!

This explains why a 49-year-old whisky from Dalmore Distillery, one of only three bottles made, sold for an impressive $95,277 at a Sotheby’s auction. Dalmore Luminary No.2 The Rare is not just the epitome of supreme taste but is also accompanied by stunning artistry. The whisky comes in a transcendent glass sculpture created by Melodi Lung from the iconic British architectural and design firm Zaha Hadid Architects. This enormous sculpture weighs 80 kg and was hand-polished for over 500 hours.

Dalmore's parent company, Whyte & Mackay, will donate all proceeds from the sale to the V&A Dundee museum. Jonny Fowle, Sotheby’s global director of spirits, said, “This is a well-deserved result for a truly collectible piece that brilliantly combines mature liquid, highly conceptual design, and a worthy cause. Dalmore is an icon in the whisky world, and this second iteration in their Luminary series encompasses all the key elements that collectors seek in today’s premium whisky market.”

The whisky matured in select casks, including ex-Bourbon and rare sherry casks, and was finished in a hybrid cask made from untreated 1951 oak. As previously mentioned, only three bottles and two sculptures were made, with the second set archived at the distillery and the final decanter reserved for the ultimate Luminary Series collection to be presented in the future.

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