Libellule: Artistic Masterpiece of $100,000 - The Perfect Fusion of Champagne and Craftsmanship

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Champagne, art, and nature – is there anything not to love in this irresistible combination?

For over two centuries, Maison Perrier-Jouët has perfected a skill most can only dream of. Perrier-Jouët has partnered with the prestigious French Atelier Montex to create Libellule, a beautifully adorned edition of its Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque 2008. This edition is a striking part of the Perrier-Jouët Objets Extraordinaires Collection, a variety of exceptional objects crafted from the finest materials by the most skilled artisans, showcasing unparalleled expertise that complements the house's rare and precious Belle Époque vintage cuvées.

One doesn't need to be a connoisseur to admire the majesty of the intricate Jeroboam bottle of Belle Époque 2008. It is sheathed in a mystical, almost enigmatic network of metalwork and embroidery, which, upon closer inspection, reveals a pair of dragonfly wings. This complex art posed a challenge even for experienced craftsmen from Atelier Montex. Artistic Director Aska Yamashita called upon the expertise of Montex partner Studio MTX, specialized in architectural embroidery, to perfect a delicate yet complex structure. The process involved several stages, including 3D printing, galvanizing with nickel, plating with 24-carat gold, and finally, meticulously hand-painting the masterpiece with the colors of nature.

Jewel tones, inspired by the stained glass windows of Maison Belle Époque, were transformed into an exquisite design featuring insects and flowers, all emblematic of the Art Nouveau movement. No less than a year of research and development, along with the tireless work of a single Atelier Montex artisan who devoted 75 hours of craftsmanship, resulted in the dazzling Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque 2008.

This craftsmanship encases a heavenly blend of 50% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir, and 5% Pinot Meunier. Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque 2008 is distinguished by its aromas of orange blossom and white peach, according to sources. Maison Perrier-Jouët unveiled the bottle last week at Paris Fashion Week. This $100,000 edition is limited to just 10 bottles.

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