The most famous bars and clubs located on the spectacular fashionable beach resorts are located in France, the Balearic Islands, and Greece...

One of the most famous clubs on the beach is definitely "Puro beach", and the first bar of the brand was opened in Majorca. This club has its own miniature peninsula under the palm trees, beautiful white canopy, immaculate pool and excellent food. Entrance to the beach costs 30 Euros and what should not be missed is their specialty - grilled lobster. "Puro beach" recently opened a bar in Tivat, in a luxurious complex "Porto Montenegro".

"Gecko Beach Club" in Formaneteri represents skillfully blend of combined various styles that will get you to be stunned. It is located on the beach Migjorn, and has its own swimming pool, which is open to all who rent a beach chair, which fits 30 Euros a day.

Certainly one of the most luxurious beach bars chain is "Nikki Beach", which have their clubs around the world. Best known as the Saint Tropez, Miami and Marbella, where every summer many theme parties, festivals such as Brazil, tequila or a yachting party.

Nice has long been known destination for parties, a "Florida Beach" beach is famous brand in this French place. Let you be pampered in huge cushions on the chairs, drink blue champagne and watch beach volleyball. In addition, consider whether you would rather jump in the hot tub or eat something exotic - such as goat cheese on toast with honey and salad or beef, mint and peanuts. For dinner select the best shrimp dinner. Reclining costs only 10 Euros, joining the wellness center 13 Euros, using of the hot tub 12 Euros for 30 minutes, and the umbrella 4 Euros.

Nammos bar located on the Greek island of Mykonos is often frequented by celebrities, members of royal families and photo models. Represents the most popular place on the island, already famous for partying.

"Coccaro Beach Club" in the south-eastern part of Italy, is one of the world's best clubs on the beach. It is a private beach with chic furniture, wooden lane and spa center. You can rent a boat or enjoy sunset, excellent fish, oysters and sushi, as well as buy in branded boutiques. To visit this bar have to stay overnight in a hotel "Masuria Torre Cicero". Double rooms cost from 278 to 422 Euros per night, and tickets for parties and performances of famous musicians, costs about 100 Euros.


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Clubs are an indispensable part of modern culture night scene. They are places in which many people meet and enjoy the dance and drinks, night after night.

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