Clubs are an indispensable part of modern culture night scene. They are places in which many people meet and enjoy the dance and drinks, night after night.

But not all the night clubs are created equal. Though most clubs are actually average bars where you can spend with a smaller budget, there are specific places, which are filled with overpriced menus, as well as the incredible interiors and a variety of options for entertainment. Needless to say that such night clubs are designed for people who are able to spend incredible amounts of money to the party.

If you consider yourself a hardcore party maniac with deep pockets, then you might consider visiting one of the following clubs. On this occasion, we present the 10 most expensive luxury nightclubs around the world.


10. Club Aquarium, United Kingdom

One can not deny that you need a large stock of money and credit cards, if you want to spend in the "Aquarium", which is officially the most expensive club in the UK. Located in London, the club offers great entertainment and a range of branded beverages. In addition, you can spend in the pool club or sip cocktails in the Jacuzzi.


9. Pangea Club, Singapore

Want to have fun in Singapore, with luxury and style? In this case, stop by Pangea Club, the most expensive restaurant in the country. Location, Marina Bay Sands, club entrance + table reservation - $ 20,000. Reservation only. Start to think about how much money you need, so you can really relax at a party. Not only is Pangea expensive, but also exclusive.


8. Chloster Club, Switzerland

Tucked beneath the cruel cold of the Alps, Chloster Club is a true blend of elegance, luxury and comfort. As soon as the sun comes up, the club is transformed into a high-end restaurant, offering tourists specialties, cuisine, all world-class. Tourists visit it more often than locals.


7. LIV Club, Florida

LIV Club is not just one of many premiere clubs in Miami. At the same time, with an area of ​​30,000 square feet, it is the largest. Even with such a massive space, it is almost always full. Since it is located on private property, right next to the beach, it offers the opportunity to sneak out with fun and enjoy while you walk among the waves pounding feet.


6. Cocoon Club, Germany

With luxurious interior and extravagant entertainment features, "Cocoon" is one of the most popular places of night life Frankfurt. It has a capacity of 1,200 people, but entering the Cocoon Club is not so simple. First of all, because it is very difficult to book a space. This nightclub attracts many powerful figures and wealthy people, who do not have a problem to spend the thousands of dollars on a single bottle of champagne.


5. Club Halicarnassus, Turkey

Parties in Halicarnassus club are considered among the craziest in the world. This building in Bodrum can accommodate up to 10,000 people in one night. This club is thematically arranged so that it resembles the Roman Empire. For a larger amount of money, you can have fun doing it as the emperor Caesar.


4. XS Club, Las Vegas

A list of the most extravagant nightclubs would not be valid, if it does not have the club in Las Vegas. Proudly noting its rich interior, as well as an impressive list of drinks, XS Club is one of the most luxurious on the list. Massive podium occupies more than 13,000 square feet. If you're in Vegas and you have money to spend, think seriously about this club.


3. Cavalli, Dubai

One of the most visited places in Dubai, Cavalli occupies three floors of Fairmont Tower Hotel. It was designed by the famous designer Roberto Cavalli. This club was recognized for its 365,000 Swarovski crystals that fill the interior. Worthy of mentioning is a large list of expensive drinks. Every evening, some of the world's famous DJs sending visitors of this club in a dancing frenzy.


2. La Fira Club, Spain

If you find yourself in Barcelona, ​​La Fira Club is a place you absolutely must visit. Club combines old school atmosphere with elements of modern agitation. The club is equipped with antiques and unique handmade furniture. Mirrors are found on almost every wall, giving the club an interesting flavor, especially when they "distort" the body on the podium. Also there is an impressive array of branded drinks and wine stored for decades.


1. Hakkasan Las Vegas

There should be no surprise that the list was another club in Las Vegas. Hakkasan is very attractive nightclub, which is regularly visited by celebrities and rich people, who are not averse to this and spend $ 100,000 for the night. A bottle of champagne costs several thousand dollars, and for a serious "party beast," one is never enough.


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