100.000 euros for a champagne trunk?!

After their successful collaboration with the brand Dom Perignon and the creation of the incredible La Malle Plenitude suitcase with champagne, French manufacturer T.T.Trunks presents us their new masterpiece...

It is the impressive Millesime Trunk T512, which is designed to preserve not only the champagne but also Grands Crus wines. This is no doubt a wonderfully designed piece that will be the main topic of conversation for a long time, if nothing else, because of its cobalt blue interior.

Minimum of 1050 working hours is invested in creating one such trunk. Each project involves a group of people that includes everyone - from creative director, through engineering to master craftsmen. To create this bright glow, the interior of the trunk was covered with electric blue Dinamica microfiber. Also, there are black and details of the same material, which create the perfect contrast. In addition, the trunk has Wi-Fi stereo speakers, which are covered with permeable fabric that the sound perfectly penetrates through.

In the trunk, there is enough room for 20 bottles of wine and champagne - 10 in the refrigerator, and wine cellar, five in each drawer side. If you take the suitcase with you to travel, a party, beach or yacht, you do not have to worry about glasses, coasters and accessories, since a part of the offer are 16 white leather pads, eight glasses for wine and champagne each created by Baccarat brand as well as all the necessary accessories.

The dimensions of the trunk are 140 x 65 x 65 cm and thanks to its wheels of polished brass, you can easily move it from one place to another. The exterior of the trunk is covered in black leather, decorated with polished nickel details and handles with metal details.

If you want to enjoy a private party for two, then you do not have to drag this whole trunk with you. Millesime comes with a leather briefcase, which has enough space for one bottle and two glasses.

Of course, like everything else that can be called luxury, this trunk has a very high price - 100,000 euros - and can be purchased via the company's website.

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