A 19th Century Country Villa Near Versailles Gets a Modern Touch with Abimis' Ego Kitchen

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The Ego line by Abimis dominates the kitchen of a 19th-century country house located just outside Versailles, nestled in the enchanting Rambouillet forest.

This historic forest, once a royal summer residence and hunting ground, provides a magical backdrop for the recently renovated property, preserving its architectural charm while offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The kitchen, designed as the heart of the home, reflects the overall aesthetic of the residence. The wall-mounted kitchen block with a stainless steel top and rosewood doors perfectly complements the exposed beams while contrasting with the large island featuring an integrated counter from the Ego design line by Abimis. The Ego island, in glossy lacquered white with contrasting stainless steel handles, boasts a large, hand-polished top surface, free of appliances and accessories for a sleek appearance. This design allows for dual functionality, serving as a food preparation zone and a comfortable spot for breakfast or quick meals.

The kitchen also includes high-capacity storage units and drawers for dishes and glassware, with soft-closing mechanisms and rounded internal corners for enhanced hygiene. Made from AISI 304 stainless steel, the kitchen is resistant to corrosion, wear, and high temperatures, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. Even the wall-mounted hood, clad in stainless steel and inspired by professional kitchen equipment, is custom-made by Abimis, highlighting the personalized nature of the design.

The house interior combines rustic elements with modern touches, such as arched passageways, exposed wooden beams, and stone fireplaces, set against light walls and floors. Modern and antique furniture, along with materials inspired by the shabby chic style, stainless steel elements, and fabrics, create a warm and welcoming environment throughout the house.

The ground floor features a spacious open-plan living area leading to a minimalist dining room with views of a private courtyard. The transition between the living room and the kitchen is marked by a pair of arched passageways, enhancing the flow between spaces. The upper floor includes additional rooms and an open-plan gallery visible from the living area, adding a contemporary yet rustic charm to the interior.

Overall, the Ego line by Abimis perfectly complements the timeless elegance of this 19th-century country house, offering a blend of classic style and modern functionality for a truly unique living experience.

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