Bugatti Home presents an exceptional collection at Milan Design Week 2024

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Bugatti Home, known for its synthesis of luxury and innovation, showcased its latest collection during Milan Design Week, demonstrating a refined evolution of its design philosophy.

Owners of Bugatti automobiles can now make their homes look as elegant as their favorite vehicles. Once again collaborating with Luxury Living Group, the collection is a testament to the brand’s century-long heritage of excellence and precision craftsmanship.

The collection was unveiled in the tranquil gardens of Palazzo Chiesa, an exclusive setting befitting the sophistication of the Bugatti brand. Here, guests were treated to a unique display that seamlessly transitioned from the sleek lines of the latest Bugatti roadster, the Mistral, to the world of Bugatti Home.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the juxtaposition of materials, with sandblasted aluminum contrasted against raw oak, reflecting the purity and authenticity synonymous with Bugatti's automotive design. This emphasis on craftsmanship and authenticity extended to a collaboration with Sahrai Milano, where iconic pieces of the collection were displayed alongside renowned carpet and textile designs.

The 2024 collection embodies timeless refinement, utilizing only the highest quality materials such as European oak, glass, and metallic lacquer. The integration of natural and technological elements, transparency, and solidity create striking contrasts that highlight the essence of Bugatti design.

Perhaps the most dramatic piece is the Type_3 sofa. Finished in Bugatti blue, it looks stunning, and if you have the means, Bugatti offers variations including armchairs, loungers, and ottomans. Another sofa, named Type_1, features backrests inspired by Bugatti’s famous horseshoe-style line. A similar story unfolds with the Type_7 table, which could be perfect for a home office.

The latest Bugatti line of furniture also includes a large dining table with a glass top supported by two substantial aluminum legs. The table is complemented by Type_5 chairs with frames made from lightweight carbon fiber and hand-painted liquid aluminum metal. This innovative use of materials and design principles is further illustrated in the Type_7 desk, where functionality meets aesthetic appeal with smart foldable and integrated drawers.

With its blend of styles and materials, the Bugatti Home collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and sophistication, capturing the essence of the most striking Bugatti design elements. Available from April 15, the collection invites luxury living enthusiasts to experience the timeless elegance and innovation synonymous with the Bugatti brand.

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