Caviar customizes a Porsche bicycle with 18k gold

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The international brand of premium smartphones and accessories, Caviar, is expanding its range of luxury electronics with an exclusive gold electric bicycle named Herzog. Anyone who orders a Herzog will receive a new iPhone 16 as a gift...

Caviar started as a phone customization studio but soon expanded its range of luxury gadgets and accessories to include gaming consoles, smartwatches, and even sneakers. However, the brand's designers never stop looking for new ways to apply their talents in transforming everyday objects into luxury masterpieces. This year, their attention has turned to electric bicycles, which are one of the modern means of transportation for people tired of cars, their pollution, and the congestion they create.

The new luxury design is based on the Porsche eBike Cross 3rd Gen. According to company representatives, Porsche is the most favored brand among the company's clients: 39% of them own a Porsche car (company statistics). The electric bicycle is a luxury toy that would perfectly complement a car collection.

The Porsche eBike Cross 3rd GenDue is a sporty and elegant electric bicycle created in collaboration with ROTWILD, featuring a powerful Shimano motor and a speed of up to 25 km/h. Herzog is one of the most demanding projects of the Caviar brand, as some of its parts are made of pure gold, and some from gold carbon fibers. As a result, creating one model can involve up to four months of delicate craftsmanship.

For connoisseurs of Porsche brand history, it is known that there is a direct link between the brand and the dynasty of the Dukes of Württemberg (in German - Herzog) who ruled Stuttgart - the birthplace of the car company. The car company's logo includes images of deer antlers from the Württemberg family crest. Herzog, the noble title of this aristocratic dynasty, became the name of the customized electric bicycle.

Caviar brand engineers are currently busy perfecting the technical details of the e-bike. The design work should be completed by the end of summer, and the devices will begin to be sold at the beginning of 2025.

However, you can already pre-order this luxury electric bicycle - moreover, anyone who orders a Herzog will receive a new iPhone 16 in the design of the Caviar brand as a gift. The price is $44,000.

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