A wonderful fusion of tradition and modernity - LU Murano chandeliers

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There is probably no person in the world who has not heard of the famous Murano glass. Murano represents a whole philosophy, culture and art.

Murano glass is produced in Venice, in accordance with a special technology that has been kept as a secret for centuries, and objects made of this glass have a very high price, whether it is a key ring, decorative object, jewellery or chandelier.

LU Murano chandeliers are known worldwide, and their magnificent design is the result of endless experimentation and the perfect balance between glass and light, a synchronicity born from tradition inspired by innovation. The perfection and innovation of these chandeliers brought them to the first edition of Maison & Objet America where some of their timeless designs were presented.

Chandeliers are handmade and each of them represents a unique and exclusive piece of art. The collection of this brand continuously evolves and survives, equally revolutionary and traditional, leaving its historical and cultural roots untouched, while still looking to the future and the incredible discoveries that the future as such can bring.

The LU Murano collection of chandeliers is the result of many years dedicated to research, experimentation and realization of prototypes. "Out of the desire to create something different and more contemporary, while remaining faithful to tradition, I constructed these chandeliers," says Fabio Fornasiero, the master and designer of these magnificent creations.

Relentless and passionate research and experimentation have brought the artist responsible for these unique creations to new levels of elegance and refinement. His unique chandeliers are completely handmade and shaped by blowing glass, which is why the technique of making objects from Murano is specific. They are finally "fed" with oil, completely transparent and available in different sizes and in more than 20 different colours.

Using traditional techniques, he manages to come up with a modern design for pieces such as the Club chandelier intended for lighting bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and private residences. This model is based on 60 elements and has an adjustable design. Another interesting piece is the Lungo, a three-level chandelier, which contains a total of 36 etched glass elements, 12 on each level.

However, there is an even more interesting chandelier design known as the TechnoLUgy chandelier. This is a prototype made of carbon fibre and deviates from Murano's classic craftsmanship, but nevertheless, it is imbued with the unique characteristics that define each of these incredible projects.

The design was made from moulds taken from the original blown glass LU chandelier. Continuous research for innovative ideas led the designer to alternative materials for glass and experimentation culminated in this perfect synergy of technology and contemporary art.

The chandelier thus goes beyond the limits of glass, breaking the rules and "threatening" to become something new, something unexpected and completely outside of all clichés. It is easy to install and weighs only 4 kg, which is significantly less than the weight of an average equivalent glass chandelier of around 40 kg, making this design ideal, for example, for luxury yacht interiors.

But while innovative and intriguing, the TechnoLUgy chandelier is not the company's only daring project. IlLUsion was created after a long series of tests and experiments, and adds sound to this unique combination of art and technique, which are specific to all artistic creations of LU Murano chandeliers.

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