Achieve nirvana inside your own home

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Working from home has become more than the norm over the past year, thanks to the corona virus pandemic…

During that period, we juggled our work and other household responsibilities, within our own four walls. Many did not manage to cope with the new situation, so working from home became a real hell for them - too many things deconcentrated them, they failed to find a quiet place to work without the noise of their family or simply botched to look away from their favorite series which were at our fingertips. All this is coming to an end, thanks to the meditative capsule, which acts as a gift from the gods.

Designed like a portal to a completely different world, the capsule was created as a work of the OpenSeed brand. This company believes that "the human race will access higher levels of consciousness, not through the development of external technology, but through internal travel," and the capsule allows them to do just that.

Inside the capsule, you can enjoy yourself with your legs crossed, and you can also invite friends or family to join you during a relaxing session. It contains audio settings that will allow you to enjoy soothing tones either through the headphones or its hidden speakers. Also part of the capsule are temperature-regulating fans, UV lights that deal with disinfection and a touchscreen tablet that will allow you to choose guided sessions and sound therapies.

The capsule is made of plywood and felt, and is currently available in two variants, with the standard costing $ 25,000 and the premium for the advanced sound kit $ 27,000. You can order it through the brand's official website.

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